Toshiba offers a full range of award winning multi-functional copy/print/scan/fax devices to meet your office needs. paragraph here.

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Toshiba's Page Smart program services almost all brands of laser printers including HP and Lexmark.  Assuming your printers have been well maintained, there is no need to replace the investment that you have already made.

To be a realistic candidate for most Managed Print Service  programs, your average monthly spend on printing must be at least $200.00 - $300.00 per month.T

A Toshiba Page Smart  assessment typically takes approx 30 days to compile enough information to submit to you a single number cost per page proposal for all of your laser printers.   This assessment is at No Charge to your business.

Each assessment, regardless of the outcome, rewards you with a $100.00 gift certificate at the restaurant or charity of your choice!ypeyour paragraph here.